Hi there. I once had a blog. It was terrible - or rather, I was a terrible writer. AND - it turns out the adults who encouraged me as a kid to go out and live my life to gain experience worth sharing were absolutely right. I've definitely gained experience - whether or not it's worth sharing, I leave up to you to decide. If you're interested enough to read below, I offer my thanks. It's impossible to keep up with everything being written, so I'm honored to have been a part of your reading (& hopefully learning) experience.

Who am I?

As an INTJ, I hate talking about or promoting myself. It's awkward and is one step below small talk (the conversational variety, not the language :-)). So - I'll recycle a conference bio:

Jim Cowart is a web developer, tragically geeky about JavaScript, HTML5, open source, hybrid mobile development...but he's not a fan of lists, so we'll stop there. Having journeyed through Cold Fusion, an obscure proprietary JavaScript BI implementation, C#, a smidgeon of Erlang (<3 <3 <3) and even spent some time as a data warehouse architect and DB developer (apparently he lied to us about not liking lists), he's most passionate about connecting with other developers – learning, sharing and promoting patterns and ideas that will make development more productive, enjoyable and empowering. Jim works at LeanKit as their Front End Architect and lives in Chattanooga with his wife and three sons.

Where I Write

I've written quite a bit for freshbrewedcode.com, tech.pro and for Telerik's blog.

Really though, the writing I love best is here.

The OSS projects that receive the most regular love and attention from me are:


My opinions are my own, unless they're good. If I have a good opinion, it's likely that I learned it from someone much smarter than me (like Alex Robson, Elijah Manor, Doug Neiner, Nicholas Cloud, Mike Brevoort, Dan Mohl, Josh Bush, Brian Cavalier, John Hann, Brad Harris, Tom Barton or many many others).

This blog focuses on my work and thoughts as a developer and architect. My opinions don't stop there, of course. Like anyone else, I have opinions, beliefs and deeply held convictions about the value of life, parenthood, the existence of God, the importance of treating everyone (regardless of background) with respect, libertarianism and more. I've found that my opinions are often in the smaller slice of the pie chart when it comes to "developers-who-also-blog". No big deal to me. My goal is not to argue & cajole you into agreeing with me on any issue. If I do stumble upon genuine wisdom, I hope it wins you over by its own merit - I'll just happen to be the lucky conduit through which you learned something new.

My opinions, of course, are not my employer's, either. Cut them some slack, already. They have to put up with me.